Living Anatomy

SUPPORT PROGRAM: TÜBİTAK 1511 Priority Areas Research Technology Development and Innovation Projects Support Program
LIVING ANATOMY is an interactive presentation environment that can be used in promotion and research development processes.
Content of presentation environment:
Interactive training, presentations and test procedures on human anatomy will be performed in the developed presentation environment. The system works over interactive visuals created in a closed environment synchronized with multiple projection devices. It will transfer the human anatomy of the environment to be visualized using interactivity. The system, which enables mass training and publicity activities to be conveyed to the users with high visuality, has both educational and instructional architecture. Since the content to be used within the system will be remotely managed, sustainable and renewable, the product from the project output will be able to serve different subjects and purposes. With the help of interactive presentation environment, hologram and 3D interactive images will be developed and a system will be created to teach the anatomy of the first education subjects. Since it is possible to change the content of the content, hologram and 3D images that will be prepared for different themes can be uploaded to the system.