Due to extensive increase in technological development and availability of information over the past century, what is taught at schools is no longer sufficient for a lifetime. We are constantly exposed to new information and we need to continuously transform this information into knowledge in our daily lives. Leveraging from this continuity, which is regarded as the lifelong learning, is even crucial for organizations to catch up with the new era. At BYS Grup, we follow up the advancements in science and technology on your behalf and offer you the best training solution that will contribute to your success.

What we do?

BYS Academy is an educational platform where we share our knowledge in Statistics, Data Mining and third party solutions in demand. Our in-depth experience acquired through numerous national and international consultancy, capacity building and technical assistance projects are reflected in our hands-on training programs.

How we do it?

First, we identify your requirements. Then, we offer you the most appropriate solution to meet your requirements. We customize our training content according to your needs and offer practical and solution-oriented trainings with our experienced trainers and consultants.

About the Training Content

We offer package training programs on Data Mining, Modeling, Machine Learning, Big Data Applications, Basic and Advanced Statistics, SAS and ORACLE softwares, as well as tailor-made trainings.

Some of the training topics and contents of BYS Academy are:

+ Data Mining

  • Data Mining Processes
  • Data Preparation Techniques
  • Missing Data
  • Modeling
  • Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
    • - Regression
    • - Decisions Tree
    • - Neural Networks
    • - Segmentation
  • Visualization
  • Sectoral Data Mining Applications
  • Data Mining with Analytical Softwares

+ Big Data

  • Methods and Strategies for Using Large-Scale Data
  • Analytical Solutions on Big Data Platforms
  • Visualization on Big Data
  • Modeling with Big Data

+ Statistics

  • Basic Statistics Training (Sampling, Descriptive Statistics, Hypothesis Tests, T Tests, ANOVA, MANOVA, Correlation, Linear Regression, Etc.)
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Biostatistics
  • Quality Control Processes
  • Time Series and Forecasting Techniques
  • Regression Analysis Techniques

+ SAS Software

  • SAS Programming 1 : Essentials
  • SAS® Programming 2 : Manipulating Data with the DATA Step
  • SAS® Macro Languages : Essentials
  • SAS Enterprise Guide 1 : Querying and Reporting
  • SAS Enterprise Guide 2 : Advanced Tasks and Reporting SAS Enterprise Guide 3 : ANOVA, Regression and Logistic Regression
  • SAS Enterprise Miner : Applied Analytics with SAS Enterprise Miner