H2020 Information Day and Workshop




A Chinese proverb says “Instead of expressing the Moon in the Sky with tens of words, just point at it, it will be understood”. In the scope of this discipline, with Gebze Technical University, an extraordinary educational practice has been performed by practical and interactive question-answer based mutual interaction without the boring theory based practice. This got more attention than expected and engraved into memory as a great success. This activity described as an education is actually a mutual interview between the presenter and participants, which has been prepared and presented by our chief executive dear Dr. Tolga KASKATI, with the help from our senior consultant dear Derya Şerif YARKIN. The main indication of the importance of the participation was that the whole participants were academician’s and post graduate (MSc) / doctorate (PhD) students.

As a part of this successful activity, initiation of a collaboration will be formalized between Gebze Technical University and BYS Grup in the near future.