We as BYS Grup value your privacy and the security of your data. We are committed to ensuring the privacy of the information you share by visiting our website. In this context, this Privacy Policy has been set up to explain to gather and process the purposes of data collection what information you have, how it is collected and for which purpose it is in accordance with the law, which third parties share this information with in accordance with law and under your consent, and how it is protected by the BYS Grup, and to illuminate you in relation to your rights with your data.

This Privacy Policy applies only to (“our website”). If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, you should not continue to use our website.


The BYS Grup may obtain and transfer information under this Privacy Policy about you who receive services if you request or expressly consent to it. Such transfer of information is carried out in accordance with the terms set by third parties, the agreements available to third parties and the current legal regulations in force. This Privacy Policy does not reflect the privacy practices of third parties through which information is transferred, and BYS Grup is not responsible for their privacy policies or practices.

This Privacy Policy, does not cover information collected by applications which are not controlled by BYS Grup,third party websites and platforms outside of its own control, information collected by third parties through links on the BYS Grup website or on BYS Grup sponsored and/or participating third party websites titles, campaigns and other advertising or promotions. The BYS Grup is not responsible for any transactions that involve personal data that third parties collect, store, and use through their own websites.

Content on our website may contain links to third party websites and our Privacy Policy does not apply to these websites. We do not accept any responsibility for these websites. You should read their privacy policies before sharing your data with third party websites.

Data Collected

When you visit our site, some information required by system management, statistics and “back up” applications is automatically stored on our servers. Some of your personal data is processed by the BYS Grup as part of the services provided to you. Those personal data may include, but is not limited to, the first and last names of TC Identification Number, nationality information, mother name, father name, place of birth, date of birth, gender, tax number, social security number, signature information, photo, license plate, phone number, address, email address, fax number, IP address, social media accounts, location information, information about your purchase of products or services, payment information, pages you viewed on our site, If you visit our site with your mobile device, the data that identifies your mobile device, and any other information that you expressly and in writing choose to provide to us, and that we may obtain from, or receive from, third parties with this express consent, may be accessed and processed by us. This type of personal data is only used with anonymization.

We collect your IP address when commenting on content on our website.


The BYS Grup stores your information securely, so all necessary measures are taken to protect them against any loss, abuse or alteration. In the event that the BYS Grup has access to your information in order to provide you with its services, it is obliged to keep such information confidential and not use it for any other purpose under contractual obligations. In some cases, your personal information will be treated as confidential when it is necessary to share it with BYS Grup loyalty companies.

How to Use Collected Data

We use the data you provide directly to us to ensure that our customer relationships are maintained. The legal limits for this use are with your consent

Your IP address is collected and stored in order to fulfill our legal obligation from the Act 5651 on the Regulation of Internet broadcasts and the Fight against Crime Committed through These Publications.

Retention Period of Your Data

We keep the data you share directly on our systems as long as your relationship with our website continues. Your IP address is stored in our systems for 1 year.

Sharing Your Data

We do not share your data with third parties except to respond to binding requests from government authorities and courts to meet our legal obligations.


Cookies are simple text files that are placed by websites in your browser to recognize your preferences and behavior. The BYS Grup can obtain some of your personal data using a technical contact file (Cookie). These technical contact files are small text files that a website sends to the user's browser to store in the main memory. The technical contact file stores status and preferences about a website, making it easy to use the Internet. The technical contact file helps to obtain statistical information about how many people use the website, how many times a person has visited and how long they remain, and to dynamically generate ads and content from user pages designed specifically for users. The technical contact file is not designed to import data or any other personal data from the master memory or email. Many browsers are designed to initially accept the technical contact file, but users can change the settings so that the technical contact file does not arrive or a warning occurs when the technical contact file is sent.

Age Rating

Our website is designed for commercial purposes and is intended to serve people aged 14 or over. If you are not at least 14 years old, you should not use our site. we will immediately delete this personal data if we are aware that we are processing personal data for those under the age of 18.

Your Rights in Respect of Your Personal Data

You may exercise your rights as described below by emailing;

  • The right to find out if your personal data is processed.
  • If your personal data is processed, the right to request information and copies of this.
  • The right to find out whether or not personal data is being used for its intended purpose.
  • The right to know third parties to which personal data is transferred at home or abroad.
  • The right to request that personal data be corrected in case it is incomplete or incorrectly processed.
  • Personal data the right to request that it be deleted or destroyed.
  • Correction of personal data, the right to request that deletion and destruction be notified to third parties in which personal data is transferred.
  • The right to object to the outcome of the processed data by analyzing it exclusively through automated systems.
  • The right to request loss remediation if you suffer damage due to the illegal processing of personal data.
  • Your entire personal data or the right to request that some of them be disqualified.
  • The right to request a copy of your processed personal data in electronic format and to request that it be transmitted to another person.
  • The right to object to our processing of your personal data at any time.

Updates and Changes to Our Privacy Policy

The BYS Grup may change the content of this Privacy Policy at any time to keep the privacy and data protection policies up to date and in compliance with relevant legislation. The changed Privacy Policy is posted on the BYS Grup website and is effective on the date it is posted on the website. The Privacy Policy is available to you at any time. Changes to the Privacy Policy are assumed to be accepted if you continue to use the BYS Grup’s services and/or applications.


You may always contact us with questions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy by writing to or the postal address below.

Our mailing address: Gazi Üniversitesi Gölbaşı Yerleşkesi Bahçelievler Mahallesi 323/1 Cadde A Blok No:10/50-A/10 Gazi Teknokent Binası Bina Kodu: 51485754 06830 Gölbaşı-Ankara-Türkiye