In the modern business world, as a result of the technological developments, almost everything has become measurable. Unless statistical and analytical concepts are utilized in decision making processes, business decisions may result in being ineffective or even create undesirable consequences Therefore, basic Statistics understanding and practices are no longer sufficient for members of public and private sectors which aim to succeed in the ever changing competitive environment. Basic to advanced, we provide our clients with Statistical Solutions such as IT integrated decision support systems, statistical consultancy and trainings, statistical capacity building and result-oriented statistical reporting for decision making. We combine our know-how and experience in IT and Statistics domains and offer solutions that will bring you the success.

Main statistical services rendered by BYS Grup are:

  • Consultancy on Statistics and Biostatistics
  • Institutional Capacity Building in Management of Statistical İnfrastructures
  • Data Visualization Solutions and Statistical Analyses
  • Design and Implementation of Paper Based & Online Surveys
  • Development of Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) Platforms by Item Response Theory (IRT)
  • Econometric Forecasting and Modeling in Longitudinal Data
  • Integration of International Statistical Classifications and Standards
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Statistical Indicators
  • Analysis of Official Statistics (Demographic and Social Statistics, Environment Statistics, Transportation Statistics, Education Statistics, Justice Statistics, Economic/ Finance Statistics, Energy Statistics, Tourism Statistics)
  • Development of National Statistical Information Systems
  • Design and Implementation of Qualitative and Quantitative Research