TR90 Disabled Profiles and Needs Analysis Report


Despite the fact that with the help of developing technologies many problems of the disabled individuals are solved, some solutions are still not in effect. The report "TR90 Disabled Profiles and Needs Analysis Report", which is signed by BYS Group, offers a great amount of importance in terms of both being as an instance and a source for further study and being a basis for new studies while raising awareness about the deficiencies of the area. Studies of research and analysis are done after acquiring the area's conditions and deficiencies with the help of questionnaires and face-to-face interviews that are done in the field. It was seen that all of the year-to-date projects, studies and implementations which are done in the area TR90 are assembled under the title of accessibility. Yet, problems due to the area's physical conditions are faced frequently. In this written report, in accordance with all of these observations, both situations assessment and suggestions about disabled people's employment and education, accessibility, transportability, technology etc. are offered.

With hopes to do a favor for those fellow citizens who acknowledge their differences and get strength from them.